We are concerned about the way you take care of your coloured socks. Kindly follow instructions on the Tag/Label.

Detailed instructions below;

1. We recommend hand-washing your socks to retain colours and maintain size and shape. Most likely that will not happen, so if you must machine wash, please do so with like colours on gentle cycle, cold water and NO bleach.

2. When “bathing” your socks, no need to use temperatures over 40 degrees C. Sure, they want to feel clean, but this is no reason to boil them alive!

3. Sharp objects are hazardous to your sock health. Maintain neat toe nails

4. Your socks will last longer if you line dry them. That probably will not happen, so put them in the dryer at your own risk.

5. Colors will stay truer if you wash your socks inside-out.

N&G Socks Care Instructions
        N&G Socks Care Instructions

6. Avoid ironing your socks. Who irons their socks anyway?

7. Avoid tumble drying. This is a torture chamber for your socks. The hot air of the dryer along with the spinning destroys the fiber in your socks. How would you like to be trapped in there?.

8. Keep a healthy rotation of socks to wear. This will prolong the life of your socks and it means you get to buy more socks! like emoticon like emoticon like emoticon

9. Do not use bleaching agents or stain remover on your socks. Some water and mild hand washing soap will do the job in most cases

10. If you’ve noticed, socks like to hang out in pairs. In books, pictures and in backyard clothe lines; socks are always with their peers. If left on their own they feel lonely. To keep your socks with their proper mates, we recommend that you always remove your socks together, and keep them together during the waiting, washing and storing process until their next use. That way, you can prevent a lone sock in your living room, while the other one lies in the dark shadows at the back of a drawer.


Most important tip: WASH YOUR SOCKS! No one likes stinky feet!

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