Last week, Nicole and Giovanni Socks got featured on Entreprations

I shared reasons why i left Barclays Bank UK and FCMB Nigeria to start up a Coloured Sock brand in Nigeria.

“Oluwasegun Abiona left his banking job to establish a sock production business, helping men, women and children of all age groups in Nigeria look classy and taking care of their legs for different occasions. Making the business a true success at the beginning was a real struggle for him, but he didn’t give up. While making frantic efforts to overcome daily popping challenges from combining bank’s duties with running of the business, the young and allure entrepreneur said his wife became handy. “The inspiration returned after a brief conversation with my wife and I decided to give it a push. I eventually quit my job at FCMB to concentrate on my business.””

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Coloured Sock is serious business and my goal is to change lives a pair of feet at a time

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