It was a cold evening in October. As summer faded and gradually ushered in winter in 2013 in my little box bed room in Uxbridge, West London, a dream was born.

I was lost in the thought of imagination and waited for inspiration from above. Practically looking for that dramatic way of expressing an emotional but visual connection I have with men’s fashion, I chose coloured socks.

It is my belief that dressing well doesn’t mean looking like a celebrity or a model, it’s about wearing a simple accessory and a basic piece to let the little print shine and have a strong character.

As a menswear stylist and image consultant, my design style is to have a colourful, detailed and sublime finish to every sock piece without taking the shine away from the conservative to the very flamboyant man.

N&G Socks tells the tale of a classic designer with an urban mentality.

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Twitter: @s_abiona 


N&G Founder,
Segun Abiona